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Custom Window Printing

Custom Window Graphics

Amazing Window Treatments offers digital printing by Insolroll® on solar screen and blackout fabrics shades. Imagine the possibilites to improve corporate identity and use window graphics as a design element in commercial applications. Digital printing on shades facing the exterior is the perfect way for many businesses to replace traditional promotional posters and signage that look unsightly from the inside with a high quality retractable product that still allows view through.

Printing can be on one or both sides of the shade.

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Commercial blinds are a great way to spruce up your store!

Commercial and Residential

Quality window coverings are one of the easiest ways to make your guests feel comfortable. Whether you're a business owner or are looking to spruce up your home, Amazing Window Treatments is here to help.

All our products could be used either commercially or residentially. Here's a few examples of what Amazing Window Treatments can do for your home or business:


  • Print your company's logo and custom graphics on a window covering of your choice
  • Keep sun out of your customers' eyes with solar shades
  • Protect electronic equipment with A/V shades


  • Automate your window coverings with motorized blinds
  • Keep insects out and control the sun's brightness on your patio
  • Add a touch of elegance to your home with drapery and fabric window coverings
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Professional Installation

Professional Installation

Amazing Window Treatments provides full-service fittings and installations on all of our products. Our factory-trained technicians install all of our products and will be glad to consult with you to help you choose the best window coverings for your home. They will also remove any old blinds or coverings you may have, and provide complete measuring services.

AWT proudly installs only American-made products, from high-quality companies we know and trust. All our products come with original factory warranties.

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Home Automation by Insolroll®

Wall Switch Operation

Switch operation allows individual control for convenience of each office occupant or group control for operating all shades per exposure or building zone.

Three-position switches (up/center off/down). Available in multiple styles and colors to match decor. Special Keyed Switches available for locations where operations of shades is limited to authorized personnel.

Automation wall switch

Remote Control Operation

Remote control operation simplifies electrical wiring as it eliminates the need to run switch legs. Shades can be operated individually or in groups.

Special Built-in radio remote control motors simplify wiring. The motors can be plugged into an outlet located near the head of the window. Remote switching provided by Hand-held Remote Control Transmitters, Wireless Wall-Mounted Switches, or Wireless Wall-Mounted Timers.

Automation remote control

Automatic Control Operation

Automatic controls maximizes the performance of shading products, The sun controller greatly increases energy performance as shades are automatically rolled down when direct sunlight is overheating the building. The timer assures consistent building appearance as shades can be timed to open and close together.

Sun Controller can operate a single shade or all of the shades in a group. Adjustable light level intensity lowers shades only when there is too much sun. Twenty-four Hour Timer operates shades at preset times each day.

Automation automatic control

Lighting Control and Home Automation System Operation

Lighting and Home Automation control allows shades to be operated in concert with lighting, security, heating and air conditioning, or audio visual system controls.

Insolroll offers 3 methods to interface any brand of controls with Insolroll motorized shades and window treatment solutions.

Full-home automation